The Bartender Confessions

If there’s one thing that gets my attention, it’s when I see a fun new toy that has to do with drinking. Drinking accessories add to the fun of any night, and make for a good conversation starter. Here’s a few of my recent finds:

Designed by Kristy, this cocktail is a fresh infusion of citrus with a touch of herbaceousness. For something a little different, it’s garnished with a teabag that steeps while you sip, lightly changing colour as well as taste.


Living in a place like Whistler, we see all sorts of injuries. None so frequent as the hangover. Self- inflicted albeit, but an injury nonetheless (liver, ego, dignity, what have you). Check out the listings for ‘clinics’ in Whistler: you will find an abundance of medical, physio, dental and the ever-popular sexually transmitted disease clinic. Here’s one more that in my opinion, should be added to the list. The Hangover Clinic.


Sexy Booze

Sexy Booze

Alcohol poured over naked breasts before bottling.

Any bartender will tell you we have a list of things to do and a list of things not to do. Then there is a list of things not to say.

A Common Rant

Something every bartender has vented about at one time or another…